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Custom made


Each vessel is unique and it’s our mission to develop, produce, deliver and service dependable air power – no matter the needs. Our air system solutions play a key role to keep your system running as smooth as possible.

Maritime applications
Compressed air

Why air qual­i­ty is so important

In a compressed air system there are several functions and processes that consumes compressed air. The quality of your compressed air is crucial for the performance of your solution.

Reduces impurities and humidity

Proper filtration and drying aligned with system requirements and ambient conditions reduce impurities and humidity in the air system

Better performance

Cleaner air is not only crucial for the performance of your system. It also takes better care of our planet.

Lower maintenance cost

The filtration and drying has a big impact on your maintenance cost. Keep it clean to avoid breakdowns and unnecessary repairs.

It’s like the difference between breathing on a dusty construction site, and in the middle of a healthy forest
— Ole Nustad, CEO Sperre
Custom-made solutions

Opti­mize the air sys­tem solu­tion for your vessel

With highly skilled and experienced engineers we develop air system solutions tailored to your specifications. Our technical experts are your best discussion partners and make sure to optimize both size and capacity.

Leave it all to us and we will manufacture the equipment as specified. When delivered the solution is complete with piping, air receivers and electrical systems – tested, classified and ready for plug-in installation.

Land based applications

We deliver the same air system solutions for land based applications.

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