A new industry on the rise


Innovation is an endless journey shaping the world of tomorrow and Sperre is evolving every step of the way. Alongside customers and partners we have pushed boundaries since 1938, and the greatest is yet to come.

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Sperre monitoring the future

Mon­i­tor­ing the future

Digitalization is a key part of the maritime business transformation. Ships, systems and applications require a higher degree of connectivity and smart maritime ecosystems evolve to support this journey.

Sperre compressors equipped with sensors are already sailing the world’s oceans. The sensors allow us to develop new services, contributing to the future maintenance and operational needs. In addition to paving the way for new business models.

Sperre sea

Com­mon goals

Surrounded by 220 maritime companies, Sperre is located in the center of a world class maritime cluster. Together we transform the industry and develop tomorrow’s solutions. Because on the West Coast of Norway researchers, companies and ship owners share common goals and are determined to reach them.

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Product development

Pio­neer­ing air power

Dependable air power is our personal mission and we will never stop challenging the status quo. Our products are designed for the future – with a focus on decreasing energy consumption, prolonging durability and ensuring a smaller footprint.