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Our compressors are designed to last. Follow our preventative maintenance routines and get dependable air power for the lifetime of your vessel or plant in return. After all, durability is the basis for our outstanding reputation. As part of our life cycle support, we guarantee 30 years of spare parts availability.

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Original spare parts are available at our offices in Norway, the Netherlands, Singapore and China. Call us at
+47 70 16 11 00 or send us an email below.

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Our promise to you

Any part to any place with­in 48 hours

We deal with pressing matters. Luckily our fast response time, unique logistics and global network makes it possible for us to get any part to any place within 48 hours. If the matter is not pressing enough, we encourage you to contact us for transportation methods that take even better care of our planet.

MBD0584 RT lowres
Our spare part kits

Easy and predictable

The safest and most economical way to run a Sperre compressor is to follow our maintenance routines using original spare parts. With our spare part kits you always have all the necessary parts at hand.

Every kit contains installation instructions guiding you through each step. That way your crew can change the parts in no time. This makes maintenance easy and predictable.

Prevent breakdown.

With our preventative maintenance program you avoid breakdowns. Follow the routines and receive dependable air power for the lifetime of your vessel.

Guided installations.

All spare part kits include an easy to use installation guide. This makes it easy for your crew to follow our maintenance routines without any service personnel.

Original spare parts.

It’s crucial to use only original spare parts during the maintenance. Every part described in our installation guide shall be replaced with a new part from the spare part kit.

We work hard to provide the best service. The spare part kits makes that easier, while prolonging the lifetime of our compressors.
— Jan Erik Skotte
24/7 emergency service

Urgent need of spare parts outside office hours?
Please call +47 70 16 11 00.
We are here whenever you need us.

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