Changing our name – not our legacy

Sperre Air Power

The year 2021 presented a lot of changes. Both in the world as we know it, and at Sperre.

For more than 80 years, we have been at the forefront of dependable air power, thanks to state of the art engineering. At the moment we have more than 36,000 starting air compressors delivering dependable air power worldwide. This year, we wanted to show our partners, customers and other suppliers our change from being a product supplier – to a system supplier of critical equipment to the maritime transportation industry.

– Changing our name will not change how we operate, nor will it affect the great relationships we have with our customers and partners. On the contrary, we think this is only the beginning of something better!
— Ole Nustad, CEO, Sperre Air Power
Ole nustad sperre air power

In October, we presented our new look, communicating our focus on technology and engineering – in addition to future-proofing the maritime industry. So, it might not come as a big surprise that we wanted this to be reflected in our new name as well, going from Sperre Industri to Sperre Air Power.

Sperre Air Power will continue to fulfil our personal mission to deliver dependable air power worldwide. Because we are a life cycle partner for when time is of the essence, and efficiency and quality is a pressing matter.